“L’Institut Igor Stravinsky” (IIS) receives funding from ‘Fondation Igor Stravinsky’ for the development of projects that honor Igor Stravinsky.

Operating from Geneva, Switzerland, IIS brings together patrons, cultural institutions, and performers, in order to give public life to various projects with a modern and excellence oriented focus.


  • Establish a digital catalog of Igor Stravinsky’s works
  • Gather and organize all of the publications about Igor Stravinsky
  • Answer inquiries of a technical or artistic nature
  • Support interactions between various arts venues, cultural institutions and producers, primarily to assist with concerts and conferences, plus audiovisual and cinematographic productions.

  • Create a collection of creations that pay tribute to Igor Stravinsky
  • Establish the ‘International Composition Competition’ (CIS) in order to promote new compositions
  • Promote donor participation
  • Present the works of Igor Stravinsky
  • Encourage the realization of products such as visual support commercial software that meets IIS specifications