The Foundation

“Fondation Igor Stravinsky” (FIS) was founded in 2008. Chaired by Marie Stravinsky, great grand-daughter of the composer, FIS aims to promote Igor Stravinsky’s memory and to further the knowledge of his work.

Recognized as a public trust, FIS accepts applications for projects that comply with its vision and purpose.


Have a project in mind ?

The Foundation has developed a system of subsidies for projects related to the life and / or work of IGOR STRAVINSKY. The maximum subsidy is CHF 3000.

Requests for subsidies are reviewed and selected three times a year: March 31 – June 30 – October 31. Applicants will be notified by e-mail of our Review Board’s decision. Incomplete applications can not be accepted.

Application form

Our team

Mrs Marie Stravinsky / President*
Mr Dominique Giraud / Vice-president / trésorier*
Mrs Marielle Fleury / Secretary*
Mr Christophe Guyard / Artistic director

Mr Dennis Miller / US*
Mr Scott Cooper / UK
Mr Luigi Maio / Italy
Mr Geert Pruiksma / Benelux
Mrs Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky / Russia
Mr Nicolas Stravinsky / Switzerland
Ms Alexandra Stravinsky / Switzerland

Maestro Charles Dutoit / Honorary Member
Princess Zahra Aga-Khan / Honorary Member

*Founding member

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